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Revealed! Keynote and tutorial by Fiona Charles

Just in time for Christmas, we are unveiling another keynote! We are delighted to have Fiona Charles at Nordic Testing Days 2017 where she'll teach a tutorial on "The Art & Science of Test Heuristics" and give a keynote titled "10 Commandments for Ethical Software Testers". Sounds great, right? It sure does, so head over to our registration page to take advantage of the early bird prices!

In the keynote, Fiona will ask questions and seek answers about questions of ethics in software testing: where does a software tester’s ethical responsibility begin and end in a world of all-powerful software?

Even seemingly insignificant software can present ethical issues for the people who build and test it. Apps that track locations or collect apparently trivial personal data can be used by corporations or governments to invade privacy, influence elections and shatter human rights.

Testers need to talk about potential ethical issues and how we can manage them positively and with integrity.

The tutorial on test heuristics will help you take a deeper dive into how to use heuristics successfully and consciously. Here's what Fiona says about the tutorial:

"​Variously defined as “fallible methods for solving problems” (Bach & Bolton) or “rules of thumb”, heuristics are essential tools for thinking test practitioners. When you construct a test around a model like “follow the money”, or adopt a leadership pattern where you challenge your team members with stretch goals, you are working with a heuristic. In each case, the model may be applicable and useful in some contexts, and irrelevant or even detrimental in others.

One of the keys to using heuristics successfully is to do so consciously. If you aren’t aware that you are operating with a heuristic model, it can become an unchallenged assumption. But if you consciously use a model as a heuristic, then you are in a better position to see its weaknesses and potential failure points in a given situation.

In this workshop, we will explore the use of heuristics in problem solving and software testing. Working in groups, participants will have opportunities to design heuristics to solve particular problems, apply them to problem solutions, then critique their models and share their conclusions with other groups.

The session will be highly interactive, consisting principally of problem-solving exercises and debriefs.  Conscious use of heuristics requires both creativity and critical thinking skills. Come prepared to practice and extend yours! Participants are invited to bring testing problems from their own experience to share and work with in the second half of the session."