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Some updates about the conference

We have some announcements for you before the beginning of the conference.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is a change in schedule: Erik Boelen has been replaced by Mait Peekma who will talk about breaking the internet of things. We apologize and hope Mait's talk will be interesting to you. 

Please follow the schedule on our webpage as this one will be up to date. There are some changes not seen on the printed schedules, so look at the webpage or listen to the announcements to be made.

Lean Coffee will take place June 4 at 07:45 at the conference centre (room called Forte).

Lightning talks will take place some time in the evening of June 4, so keep your eyes open for a flipchart that will be there for signing up.

Bring good, mood, bring your laptop and bring yourself :) Have a great conference!