Jevgeni Kabanov – Testing in The Automation Age
Matt Heusser & Pete Walen – On Complete Testing
Anto Veldre – Software errors as the founding pillar of the modern society


Dan Billing – New Adventures in Security Testing
Raul Mäesalu – How to test a hundred projects every month?
Ruud Cox – Drawing to Learn. Sketching for Testers
Stephen Janaway – Testing Your Emotions – and how you can apply some personal leadership to keep them under control
Gitte Ottosen – The life of a pragmatic tester – the best of two worlds
Andrei Contan – Mastering complexity:The art of automated testing
Huib Schoots – What testers can learn from social sciences
Rikard Edgren – Good Testers Are Often Lucky
Tarvo Raudvere – How testing saves lives
Erik Boelen – Mobile Test Strategy Made Successful
Bram Bronneberg – The One doesn’t exist
Pete Walen – Stepping Up to Leadership: Test Leadership Lessons from Harry Potter
Martin Nilsson – The might of the coffee cup – An experience report from a social tester
Aare Nurm – Sharing the experience through Session Based Test Management (SBTM)


Rikard Edgren -Test Strategy Next Level
Huib Schoots & Ruud Cox – Thinking and ‘Working’Visually” for Software Testers


Roy Osherove – Beautiful Builds: Creating an automated build and test pipeline from scratch including good practices
Huib Schoots – Exploratory Testing Dojo
Antti Pohjonen, Ismo Aro, Toni Kortepohja – Continuous Deployment pipeline demonstration spiced with Robot Framework and Accept
Peter Varhol & Gerie Owen – Missing Bugs, Cognitive Bias and Mindsets
Raji Bhamidipati – Where are the notes from when you tested this?
Valdo Purde – Beautiful code – a good tester should explore the repository!
Kristjan Uba – Testing the Test Plan